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Susan Golden has written extensively about grantseeking. Here are references and some samples from her writing.

Susan's Best Selling Grantseeking Classic

Secrets of Successful Grantsmanship: A Guerrilla Guide to Raising Money, San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 1997. [Order Form].

Reviews of Secrets of Successful Grantsmanship

    • From Contributions, “Books in Review,” July-August, 1998 [click here to read].
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Journal Articles:

“Viagra for Grant Seekers: How to Survive the Power Imbalance,” Contributions, Nov. – Dec., 1998. [Read the article…]

“Aggression and the Mild-Mannered Grantseeker,” Contributions, May – June, 1998. [Click here to read…]

“Anatomy of a Grantseeker,” Contributions, June – July, 2003.

“Bananas for Breakfast: New Tactics to Get Corporate Grants,” Contributions, May-June, 2000, pp. 20 – 21.

“Be Fruitful and Multiply,” Contributions, January, 2011 [Read the article…].

“De-Mythologizing Grantseeking,” Contributions, March – April, 1998. [Read the article…]

“Excedrin® for Grantseeking Headaches,” Contributions, Feb. – March, 2003. [Read the article…]

“Five Phases of the Grantseeking Process,” Contributions, Feb. – March, 2004.

Gertrude Stein Revisited: When Is a Rose NOT a Rose,” Contributions, July, 1998 [Read the article…]

“Good Answers to Hard Questions,” Contributions, May – June, 2001, pp. 24-26.

“Grantwriters and Other Kinds of Help,” Contributions, July – August, 2004. [Read the article…]

Henderson the Rain King: Focusing on The Grantmaker,” Contributions, Nov. – Dec., 2000. pp. 30-31.

“’Manna’ Grants or How to Seed the Clouds,” Contributions, June-July, 2002.

“Money & Management: Not Mission,” Contributions, Jan. – Feb., 2001, pp. 24 ff.

“Open Letters to Reps. Blunt and Ford,” Contributions, Sept. – Oct., 2003.

“Potatoes and other Analogies,” Contributions, Jan. –Feb., 2000, pp. 10 ff.

“Seven Lies Grantseekers Tell,” Contributions, March-April, 2001, pp. 13-14.

“Seven Steps for More Powerful PowerPoint Presentations,” Contributions, April – May, 2003.

“The Art of the Letter of Support,” Contributions, Oct. – Nov., 2002.

“The Grantseeker’s Uniform,” Contributions, May-June 2003.

“The Motivated Professional: Secrets of Successful Grant Writers,”Advancing Philanthropy, Jan. – Feb. 2002.

“The Passionate Principal Investigator or Six Signs to Forecast a Successful Grant Application,” Contributions, Dec., 2003 – Jan., 2004.

“The Prurient Pleasures of the 990-PF,” Contributions, Sept-Oct., 1999, pp. 11 ff..

“You’re Not Done Yet: How to Deal with Questions That Will Arise After Submission,” Contributions, January, 1999.

“Your Grantseeking Advocate,” Contributions, March-April 2000, pp. 17 – 18.

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